144 Media Spotlight


Robert J. Geline
President, 144 Media LLC

For the record: I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and did not vote for him.

The conventional wisdom holds that Donald Trump “broke all the rules” in his successful campaign for the Presidency, and that he has possibly rewritten the politician’s playbook for success.


But I suggest that in order to best understand how Trump managed his victory, it is just as important to take note of the rules Trump did not break on his way to the White House...


For most companies in today’s fast-paced global economy, delivering focused, targeted key messages to important audiences such as customers, investors, analysts, strategic partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders is crucial to meet business goals. But it’s a job that is often easier said than done.

144 Media LLC is a marketing communications and public relations organization dedicated to helping professionals in all fields build their skills as verbal communicators. We work from the premise that the best public speakers are made, not born. From this idea as a starting point, our principals and national network of highly experienced coach/trainers deliver programs that are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs.

144 Media‘s core competencies emphasize the triad of skill sets that underpin successful verbal communications in every organization. These are:

  • Message development and refinement (What do we say?)
  • Message delivery skills and technique (How do we say it?)
  • Performance enhancement (How do we say it best?)

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